Unlock your market’s potential with the prequel playbook.

There is always an opportunity to grow.

The prequel to growth is collecting the right data to create fresh strategies with tactics aligned with resources and capabilities.

We use artificial intelligence and custom data bots to locate and interpret data points meaning you get rapid insights at low cost.

We are technically capable with proven methodologies and years of experience who co-create new growth journeys using a proven playbook described below.

Prequel Market Analysis Flowchart
What is the market?
Identify market categories
Develop a prioritization framework
Who are the competition?
What is their distribution model?
Where are the best opportunities?
What are the market entry windows?
Create land and expand strategies
What are the risks?
Identify people and places
Contact and qualify
Create and shape pipelines
Systems for sustaining growth

Unlock your company’s full market potential with prequel

Do you want to grow your company and dominate your market? The Prequel team has the expertise to help you:

  • Create a fresh understanding of your market, competition, and best opportunities;
  • Develop a strategic prioritization framework to focus your efforts;
  • Create effective market entry and expansion strategies;
  • Identify and mitigate key risks to your business growth;
  • Build sustainable systems to drive long-term growth.

The prequel to releasing potential starts with a simple discussion. Book one in now.

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Honest reviews :

passion, perspective, perspiration

When helping people look at new market opportunities, Tony has a happy knack of looking at things from new angles, which can help you identify a new product or approach.  And then once he has helped you look at opportunities anew, he can help you with rigour and thorough analysis to help you challenge your assumptions about how to develop the market, and to do so in a way that maximises returns and achieves results quickly. A good mix of passion, perspective and perspiration.

get the job done, get the result

Tony has had a huge positive impact on our business at many levels : sales and growth, product positioning and strategy, sales management and systems. He has also generously shared his professional career long training with our team and given us access to key colleagues from his large and top notch network. His calm analytical approach marries with an agile cut-through to get the job done and get the result – and always in a context of respect and thoughtfulness. Tony has a deep instinct and long experience in honing a product offering for market acceptance and the essential steps to convert that effort into business success.

cares about client success

Our experience with Tony was fantastic as he supported us in developing a go-to-market strategy for our new employment services contracts for our QLD and NSW regions. Tony took the time to understand our industry (which is complicated) and our business needs. He helped us get organised for go-live with a structured plan and strategy to drive employer engagement. Within a month of go-live we have secured many job placements for our customers. Tony also did a great job communicating with us through the process, he is very knowledgeable with business development and sales strategies. Tony genuinely cares about the success of his clients and I highly recommend him.

open & ethical

Thorough and well informed. An open, ethical and transparent relationship builder. High emphasis on service and value adding.