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We are focussed on growth. We have provided services to Australia companies involved in manufacturing, technology and software, services businesses, food and beverage, and construction. Schedule an initial obligation free consult.

About Us

We are senior business people that have co-founded and lead businesses in the technology and services sector, the agtech and e-commerce sector, and a 4PL business (supply chain development and management for large construction projects).

We have built businesses employing large numbers of people and have also worked in senior roles managing sales and product teams at some great companies like IBM, Sun and Optus.

Tony Palanca

Principal Consultant

Prequel Pty Ltd

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Gary Dickinson

Principal Consultant

Prequel Pty Ltd

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Project examples

Develop growth options for high tech Australian manufacturer.

Completed a market analysis of segments and opportunities in SE Asia and South America. Created a market entry plan, business case, and business development model for the CEO and his board.

Identify market participants, develop a prioritisation framework, and uncover distribution strategies in a foreign market.

Market research and strategy for an award winning local manufacturer looking to increase its presence in the North American market.

Business growth strategy and risk management plan.

Developed for the CEO of sporting organisation looking to grow it’s reach and presence in NSW.

Digital communications strategy review.

Conducted an assessment for a professional services firm on their digital touch points with clients and co-developed a strategy for upgrading and upskilling their touch points in the market.

Analysis of sales model and recommendations for change.

Investigated the marketplace and sales engagement model for a social services organisation working in an environment affected by policy change. Analysed the current state and resource assignment and stress tested it against the new policy environment. Created new models of sales engagement and change management considerations.

Create, build, and manage online store.

Using market research and sourcing people from a range of disciplines we assisted in the build of an online store that differentiated itself through particular efficiencies in the supply chain, and the use of sophisticated SEO and data analytics.

Australian software analytics firm – marketing and growth strategies.

Worked with the founder of a SAAS company in the logistics space. to provide advice and guidance on how to go to market, who to partner with, how to execute a business development strategy.

Strategic sales and marketing plan for new venture in recycling.

A new venture involving recycling and agriculture, with a worldwide patent, is seeking to raise funds and grow its business both here and offshore. Using research, interviews, and modeling techniques, we created a sales and marketing plan that will be used to drive the business in Australia and raise and deploy funds for this project.

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