Some of our tools

Some of our crafts that we use to design journeys that release your potential

Marketplace – Product discovery.

Find market opportunities using product management methods and tools. I work with clients to develop value proposition canvases and opportunity discovery processes. I can support the creation of teams and methods to deliver projects and test them in the market.

Marketplace – Bring persona’s to life.

Persona’s provide a picture of who you build value for. I can bring them to life. I use data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and peer reviewed psychological research to create a richer view of the people you are building products for and selling to.

Future you – Growth ideation.

Growth is about finding the right way to build a relationship with customers. I use a growth model to identify areas worth investigating. We then discuss the opportunities, rank them, and consider if it is worth further investigation. Establish a prioritised list of growth ideas for your business.

Marketplace – Competition.

When was the last time you did a deep dive on your competition. We define the scope of your objective against my competitive review templates. Really understand your competition and find new opportunities and differentiation.


Marketplace -Influence mapping.

Who has a voice in your market? I create an influence map, investigate key themes of those voices, and create a picture of your marketplace. Insights can deliver new market entry points and marketing strategies.

Marketplace – segmentation.

There are rich veins of information available if you know where to look. Taking a fresh look at your market using demographic and new customer databases can help you understand and identify new opportunities. I develop a plan and a search methodology for you to consider. Your deliverable is a detailed data driven list of your market segments and prospective customer targets.


Organisation -Artifical Intelligence.

Discover how AI can change your cost base and market reach. We define your key workflows and data assets. I deliver a report with options for how to use and execute with AI tools.

Organisation – risk management

I review key business risks and develop a risk management model that defines risk types, consequences, and rates risk issues. I create risk mitigitations and provide a frameworks for managing risk in forward time periods.

Organisation – Winning new business.

Are you chasing new business or major new accounts? I have methodologies for auditing sales strategies and sales proposals. Re develop powerful proposal responses and pitches. Those perspectives can de-risk your sales investments and increase your win chances.

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