Why Prequel?

  • About prequel.

    The prequel to success in any project is to find and bring good people together who will mindfully apply their skills to a shared outcome. We have a combination of skills and experience that can be offered to support your goals. We are also connected to a diverse set of like minded experienced people. We can create opportunities for team formation with professionals who apply themselves to challenges in mindful ways.

  • Our strengths.

    A big part of life happens where we work. We love our life conducting research, strategy, product management, and business development. Our love of that work is reflected in our work-life experiences and investment in learning. Our strengths are embedded in our craft as business growth facilitators. We apply it an agile and mindful way. Trust is everything to us and we like to create it through short engagements delivering immediate impact.

  • Mindful contracting.

    Mindful contracting is a term we use that describes a model of engagement based on the principles of agile development and mindfulness. We bring fresh and targeted outcomes and offer our model as an alternative/adjunct to solving specific challenges or pivoting to new opportunities. Mindful contracting is supported by a disciplined framework that describes specific tasks connected to outcomes that have relevance right now. Add in delivery transparency, and you have a formula that builds trust.



Contact info
+61 412 88 66 52 tony@prequel.com.au

Antonio Palanca


Bachelor Commerce & Psychology; Product Management Certified; Co-founder ION Design; China Direct Partners; HiveXchange. Enterprise sales VP @ IBM, Sun, Optus. Member Economics Society &, Australian Psychology Association.

Gary Dickinson


Ex founder & MD, LAN City, Founder & MD of China Direct Partners, Director Strategy and Investment China Fortune Holdings, VP Greater China Mandalson search, Senior VP for China Euro Direct.

Rachel Ying

Principal China

Master of Law Hunan University & member of the Hunan Bar Association. Experience in complex business architecture design, corporate legal risk management, corporate governance, M & A and foreign legal affairs.


"Prequel were contracted by Laserbond to research the Chinese, Japanese, and South Korean market to find entry points for our solutions. They located partners and executed our first channel relationship in mainland China. They are outstanding professionals with deep insights into Asian thinking and business practices."
- Wayne Hooper CEO Laserbond

"I have known Gary for 20 years. With his insight and support he successfully negotiated on my behalf to take a US technology venture to market in China."
- Justin Cheng Chairman CFI & Great China Investments

"Tony helped me develop Horizon's inventory go to market model and located a distribution and services partner that has become an integral part of our software business. His understanding of industrial sales and technology has made a great contribution to our business."
- John Allen CEO & Founder Horizon Inventory

"We engaged with Gary on a project in mainland China to successfully recover from an adversarial position on behalf of an Australian company with a Chinese firm. Gary has an outstanding understanding of how Chinese executives think and I would highly recommend his services."
- Andrew Carpenter Corporate Partner RPC HK

"I engaged Gary to find a country manager in China for a US technology firm. We got a great shortlist of candidates and found a fabulous country manager who lead us to great success in China."
- Martin Christmas CEO Orcatech

"I was fortunate enough to find Gary who in turn setup all of the supply chains out of mainland China for our national operation in Australia. This involved finding suitable suppliers across a vast range of products over many years."
- Les Freeman CEO Eurodirect

"Gary has been my business coach and mentor for over a decade. He has helped me grow our market potion to become a tier one supplier in the Thai market, on the back of establishing a successful supply chain model out of China."
- Monta Limtip Found & CEO PGO Thailand

"I have engaged Tony on multiple occasions to help our SAAS business develop our sales and business development strategy, develop specific large account strategies, and to assist us with our go to market model. One of the best IT industrial sales leaders I have met."
- Greg San Miguel - CEO LOTJ