Why Prequel?

  • What we're about.

    The prequel to success in any project is to find and bring good people together and mindfully apply their skills to a shared outcome. Behind prequel are a group of people with a range of skills that can come in and support your project. We are all experienced people and importantly mindful people who apply themselves in mindful ways.

  • Our strengths.

    Our strengths are in research, strategy, product management, and business development. Our people are agile and mindful thinkers with years of experience and training in their craft. Trust is everything to us and we like to start building trust through short engagements designed to deliver immediate impact.

  • Mindful contracting.

    Have you ever felt that hiring full time employees can feel like a waterfall approach to solving a business opportunity? If you are looking to solve specific challenges in your product or service idea then doing that under contract has a number of benefits. You have to be specific, granular, in the moment, and focused on an outcome based on two way trust. If that speaks to you, then lets chat.



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+61 412 88 66 52 tony@prequel.com.au
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Antonio Palanca

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Bachelor Commerce & Bachelor Psychology; Product Management & Scrum Certified; Certified Mindfulness Practitioner; Member Economics Society of Australia, Australian Psychology Association. Co-founder ION Design; China Direct Partners; HiveXchange. Enterprise sales VP @ IBM, Sun, Optus.